What Experts and Practitioners
Are Saying About
Moving Beyond Icebreakers

Stanley Pollack is a true expert in this field, with over 30 years experience doing outstanding group dynamics training and development with young people and adults. Moving Beyond Icebreakers captures his experience and makes it available to all of us. It is a fun, enjoyable, and extremely valuable book for anyone who works with groups and wants those groups to reach their maximum potential.

— Alan Khazei
Founder and CEO of Be The Change and Co-Founder, City Year

Moving Beyond Icebreakers goes far beyond activities and games.  It is the clearest, most coherent explanation of why, how, and when to use activities that I have ever read. For practitioners in teaching, social work, administrative, and community settings, this book will be a terrific addition to your personal and professional library.

— Susan Rice, DSW
Department of Social Work
California State University at Long Beach

Stanley Pollack has done wonderful work for decades supporting the leadership development of young people. This book is a great gift to the field, sharing specific techniques and insights to help groups of any age be more productive.

— Dorothy Stoneman
President, YouthBuild USA

Mr. Pollack has written a comprehensive manual for designing, conducting and evaluating interactive meetings, classes, and group exercises. This book is packed with ideas, examples, advice, and how-to­do-it guidelines for group facilitators. Moving Beyond Icebreakers is an invaluable resource for more participatory, spirited and productive meetings.

— Lee Staples
Clinical Professor of Social Work Boston University

Moving Beyond Icebreakersis the encyclopedia of interactive group activities.  But it is much more than that. Nothing wastes the power and kills the will of the community more insidiously than endless deadly, unproductive meetings. This book raises expectations for what meetings should do and feel like, and then provides the means to fulfill them.

— Charles Deutsch
Senior Research Scientist Harvard School of Public Health

Moving Beyond Icebreakers offers an approach to gathering information in ways that provide a variety of vantage points as a group engages in interactions that are centered on a common purpose. The approach grows out of Stanley Pollack’s longstanding experience in developing city youth into master­ful facilitators. The lessons from his experience with young people are definitely worth learning.

— Janice Jackson
Boston College Lynch School of Education
Former Deputy Superintendent of the Boston Public Schools

Moving Beyond Icebreakers offers us a way out of the all-too-familiar and much-too-painful experience of unproductive and unsatisfying meetings. This book—packed as it is with practical and useful activities, exercises, and advice—points the way toward meetings that bring groups together, accomplish goals, and prove that hard work and fun can and should go together.

— Steve Seidel
Director, Harvard Project Zero & The Arts In Education Program
Harvard Graduate School of Education

Moving Beyond Icebreakersartfully and enjoyably integrates theory with practice. If only I’d had access to it during the multiple meetings I have facilitated over the past 30 years! In the future, I won't have that excuse: it is a resource I plan to use.

— Steven Brion-Meisels
Deputy Director and Director of Research, Evaluation, and Learning, Peace Games
Board member, The Center for Peaceable Schools

This book is both practical and hopeful. Everyone should read Moving Beyond Icebreakers to save us from endless meetings and dysfunctional group process!

— Gil G. Noam, Ed.D., Ph.D. (Habil)
Harvard University

These interactive techniques are a natural fit for the classroom. They are engaging and fun. They promote caring and lead to less isolation. A variety of behavioral issues are addressed while students build confidence and build their skills.

— Rusty Young
High School Teacher, Boston Public Schools

I received the book Moving Beyond Icebreakers and facilitated my meeting based on the book's guidelines.  It was overwhelmingly successful.  The youth enjoyed it and the participation level increased immensely.

— Donna Marcelin-Samuel
President, Positive Reactions Youth Group
Trinidad, W.I.